Hitoshi-san is one of the main protagonists in Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls.

Hitoshi-san as drawn in his art-shift during the opening.

Appearance Edit

Hitoshi-san has red eyes and royal blue hair. He's drawn in a dark gray T-Shirt and denim jeans.

Personality Edit

Hitoshi-san is well known as a joker, and also for his good looks. He makes many of the catch phrases in the series, such as "Nya, rawr~." Raku-chan seems to have a love interest in Hitoshi-san. On the contrary, he may possibly be gay.

In episode ten, it's proven that Hitoshi x Geoff is canon, and this causes Raku-chan to die of heartbreak.

Trivia Edit

  • Hitoshi ends up with Geoff
  • Hitoshi cares very dearly of his friends and boyfriend